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Intent - Part 2

Anu Sachar


“Please expand feeling lost..what comes up for you?”

Tearfully, she said “Loosing my parents. I only have my elder sister as family left now.. she is all I have”

“Are you comfortable exploring deeper on your thoughts associated with loosing my parents?”

Visibly disturbed, she said “ Yes…I am glad to be able to come this far..I am so grateful for the compassionate manner in which you are here for me..I am ready..lets proceed”

Pausing for a few minutes, she took time to regain her composure “I wish I was in the car when they met with the accident. I want to die”

“Please explore your deepest sub conscious thoughts here.. when you say I want to die”

“i holding onto life in desperation - my sister is a reminder of me being alive“

“Are you comfortable reversing roles here? Be your sister for a while and your sister takes on your role?”

“Yes…am intrigued…thank you for being so kind”

“Please close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe deep - inhaling and exhaling feeling totally relaxed..let me know when you are ready to explore deeper”

A few minutes of deep breathing, she said “ready…it will be fun to be my sister”

“Your sister who is now in your shoes, calls, messages and visits you daily. What is your reaction to her seeing your attention?”

Her body language shifted from relaxed to restless. Shuffling her feet, she clasped her hands “I am feeling suffocated, my space being invaded”

“How is your breathing?”

Gasping, she said “Can’t breathe properly, my space is no longer mine, am unable to move freely, feeling constrained”

“Focus on breathing normally, inhaling and exhaling, with commitment to your deep exploring, can you figure out what will get you to breathe normally?”

Continuing to breathe rapidly, she said “My space, I need breathing space - my sister is in my face! “

Pausing, she started to inhale and exhale deep breaths, returning to normal breathing, she said “Heavens! I am stifling my sister and it is mirroring back to me”

As awareness dawned, she began relaxing even more “Its me! I see that now…gosh!”

“How does this realisation uncover your intent?”

“My intent…yes of course…its been to die, well maybe not..its been to survive somehow..that’s why I am the hanger on…clinging to my sister…my brother in law picked up my intent so well…

“Anything that you want to say or do with this awareness?”

“Yes! Step Back! Stop being the hanger on”

“What is your action plan to make this a reality?”

Reflecting for a few minutes, she spoke softly “I realise my intent has been to survive…desperate to live somehow…now I want to understand myself better and create a my intent again..Action plan is to accept my current situation..accept that my sister is married and has other priorities as well…honour my life, respect her choices…haven't grieved my parents passing over..will do that and achieve closure for myself”

“Can you articulate your intent now?”

“I live my life accepting my present, my responsibilities for myself, honouring my space and respecting others space. My intent is to live my life fully with love, honour and respect”

“How is your breathing now?”

She smiled “Normal - I have stepped back into my space. I am breathing easy, free and with new wisdom”

“Action plan to keep this state?”

“Practice self care. Will have a chat with my sister on this. Accept her married status and her husband…what a great teacher he has been for me”

“Any closing thoughts for our session?”

Breathing in deep, she said “ Grateful for this profound awe of how magically this session opened up. Great respect for the way you took me on this beautiful, magical journey. I am in my space, finally!”

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