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GIFTS Model 

The GIFTS Model is an integrated 5 step empowering tool to achieve your highest potential in personal and professional life.

Starting from your Current State to Desired Outcomes, you will Carve Your Path, gain clarity at each phase with integration of science and spirituality creating self awareness, reflections, insights, action plans to celebrating success on achieving your goals. 

G- - Generate Goals


client envisions life purpose, setting specific,  realistic  goals to achieve their purpose , identifying milestones to measure progress of their goals​, taking full accountability for each goal.


 I - Integrate (Introspect inter-being with science

& spirit, Resources and Obstacles)

Co-create with client a safe space to be self-aware, present to self, acknowledge own inherent gifts leading to a                     powerful true state, higher than perceived limitations. 


‘Look deep within’ to acknowledge strengths, resources, obstacles preventing client from moving forward. 

S -Skills, Success, Self Acknowledgement


Co-create structures with client, focused on actions to achieve desired outcomes, build skills gradually, empowering self to discover insights, achieving every milestone of action plan​.


Be appreciative, celebrate success, acknowledge

own, unique gifts radiating joy and power in their

outer world.

F - Formulate Options

Co-create with client new ways of thinking, through silent reflection. Client takes 'ownership' of exploring multiple options and establish criteria for evaluating those options. 


Be constructive of potential challenges that

may appear in the future. 

T - Take Action

Client summarises action plan in writing or email, committing to execute, review and follow through as per agreed timelines.

Co-creating with client structures to stay committed, take ownership, keeping the momentum and staying

on track. 

When client is present to all elements of the model, client creates a meaningful, purposeful life...when not present to any of the elements, outcome may change as under
(indicative outcomes) :
GIFTS - Model Chart for Upload.png
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