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About/Meet Anu

Client Centered Coaching
​Anu collaborates with clients who aspire to be MAD i.e Make A Difference to their lives - taking it to the next level with powerful intent and commitment. With client centered approach, she partners with them to tap into their innate potential, explore their GIFTS , grow from within to be their best versions. Clients' base comprises of Children, Young adults,  Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business leaders, Creative people, Business Owners, Start-ups, Professionals and Home-makers. 

Coaching "the person" with unconditional positive regard, forms the core of her holistic coaching work. Endeavour is to facilitate discovery of unique GIFTS which clients integrate within, emerging as a unified whole. Clients tap into their sacred inner space for exploring, reflecting and manifesting their highest potential to achieve their life purpose. Client self awareness guides their goals and action plans as they celebrate life every moment, trusting the process and being their better version every day.

Cruising along this journey, Anu has the incredible honour and privilege of being recognised for her work. She is committed to meaningful, fulfilling and transformational personal and professional development with holistic coaching.


With deep gratitude, a warm thank you to all who have been and are a part of this magical journey. 

Celebrating life....

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