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          StartUp Coaching

Anu facilitates entrepreneurs start-up journey blending her global experience in business, leadership, management, talent development and international cultural  orientation. Envisioning organisation's journey, she collaborates with C-suite Executives, Founders’ and SMEs either one on one or team/group coaching in launching, building, scaling up their ventures profitably. 


Discovering deep insights through experiential learning, founders and leaders identify their unique strengths through the GIFTS Model, and set action plans to achieve their goals. With client centred coaching, she co-creates with founders and leaders a robust framework to be self-aware, resilient, leverage networks, shared experiences, interpersonal dynamics in a way that inculcates meaningful cognitive engagement and mindset.

Innovative and emerging entrepreneurs find the high integrity and unconditional coaching space safe to be completely and thoroughly honest with themselves. So much so, feeling motivated with their self development and enhanced potential, entrepreneurs have known when to pivot their plans and meet evolving goals real-time.

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