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Organisational Coaching

Anu has extensive integrated experience of over 25 years in facilitating progressive, systemic transformation within global organizations. She has collaborated on projects, co-created interventions within organizations to envision and accomplish  strategic objectives, enhancing leadership capability, and fostering cultural integration. Her  client centric holistic coaching, aligned with organizational goals has successfully scaled-up change in enterprises through the following types of coaching - 

Leadership Coaching - blending one on one effective coaching practices with organisational competencies enabled leaders in driving culture shifts and making the organization future-ready. Creating a culture of leveraging interconnected teams by maximizing their potential, leadership coaching enhanced employee engagement, collaboration and performance. Diversity of thoughts culled from wisdom of employees while being invested in their development, resulted in empowered workforce at all levels.

Executive Coaching - integrating one on one coaching practices with leadership competencies, enabled executives in engaging and responding creatively to new complex business paradigms by applying holistic facets of who they are, staying centered and resilient during disruptive change to step up, take charge, steering the ship successfully to build sustainable business and team practices. 

Performance Coaching - incorporating one on one coaching with organisations's talent in unlocking their potential by enhancing their unique skills, knowledge at individual, team and organisational levels. Continuous feedback on identified goals inculcated deep self awareness of strengths, developmental aspects, success barriers, to enable empowered growth and peak performance.

Team Coaching - synthesising team coaching practices to weave individual talent with team and organisational competencies for collective impact as a team. Enabled accountability and synergy to achieve highest potential and performance. Team coaching buillt a culture of innovation, trust, strength-based and developmental mindset, with meaningful and actionable practices for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).​

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