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Key to Abundance : Gratitude - Appreciation - Celebration

Anu Sachar


My client , 27 years old , is a budding entrepreneur. She plans on setting up her food catering business. “I don’t know where to start” she lamented. “I have a hotel management diploma from a leading school in the world and am very passionate about cooking. While its home cooking right now, I hope to now build my full fledged business.”

“So what do you hope to achieve by setting up your business?” I asked her.

“Financial independence - I want to be on my own”

“How will that make you feel?”

Thinking for a bit, she said “Well, am not sure…guess it will make me feel good”

“What kind of events will you cater to?”

“Birthdays, Anniversaries, House Warming, Get Togethers and so on..”

“What do these events signify?”


“What feelings do you connect with celebrations?”

“Joy, Happiness, Caring, Love”

“So clients want to feel and live these emotions, while celebrating the events…how does your catering business fit here?”

Reflecting for a few minutes she smiled and said “my business will generate one of the key aspects for celebrating…when I am not sure about my own feelings, I am not sure of how my food will be received.”

“What are you picking up here about yourself?”

“Lack…I want to set up my business…however, I am cutting out a very significant part of me that will make it successful and grow.”

Taking a deep breath she continued “I am missing on my independence is a great vision for me..from a space of lack, it will not work…So I want first feel my abundance..”

“Is there anything that you can do to feel your abundance?”

“I don’t know…let me think..”

“You want to be financially independent…from a space of lack, it will not work..”

“Yes” she exclaimed excitedly “Shift my focus from lack to abundance…stay abundant..then plan my business”

“What will bring about the shift?”

“Commitment and taking ownership”

“What will that do?”

“When I am committed and take complete ownership for my abundance, I will stay focused to make it mine”

“So when abundance shift occurs, how will you know?”

“I will feel abundant - resourceful to set up my business”

“What resources are we referring to here?”

“Feel empowered….knowing I can and will do it…”

“Anything specifically that will make it a reality for you?”

“Yes…yes…my intention..begin my day and end it with my abundant mind, feelings…these will set the ball rolling for me to interact with everyone with confidence.I can operate from feeling empowered and that will make me very flexible in listening to others and sharing my views.”

“Any action plan to make this a daily routine?”

“Gratitude….something I miss doing..staying grateful will keep me humble…I will be flexible to receive all kinds of feedback and learn from it…”

“Can we summarise just to integrate this?”

“I am beginning to set some key guidelines for setting up my catering business and growing it well…

1st step - Taking Full Ownership and Committing myself to my Abundance.

2nd Step - Beginning my day and ending it with my intention - I manifest my highest goals feeling abundant.

3rd Step - Stay abundant by practicing gratitude , keeps me humble and flexible to operate from an empowered state. “

“How are you feeling now?”

“Grateful…happy and responsible”

“That’s wonderful…so once you initiate discussions with clients..whats next?”

“Detailed planning…maybe research on some creative ideas on the theme of the events…”

“How this this link up with your business set up…what’s next?”

“Detailed planning here too…actually a detailed vision…what I want to do, what can I cater to, what will my business be known for..”

“What do you want your business to be known for?”

“My values - honesty, integrity, premium quality food, high quality hygiene, nutrition”

“Do these fit anywhere with your sense of abundance?”

“For sure.. when I am all these, I am certainly abundant…” pausing she said “Oh..I get it…when I live my values I am abundant…”

“Any steps coming up here?”

“Quite a few..

4th Step - living my values aligns me with abundance

5th Step - practice these daily just like my intent..which also brings me to a great insight…similar to living my values, I also will take care of my own nutrition and well-being …physical - eat healthy, exercise; emotional - be aware and nurture my empowering feelings; spiritual - meditate, envision myself living my values and running my empowered business, intellectual - nurture my abundant beliefs about money on my business plans..

6th Step - align my body and mind which comes from Step 5..I am irregular with my Yoga, which I will be disciplined on from now…my meals will be more balanced…something I take for granted actually.

“So when this is routine, you are feeling and living your abundance, what’s next?”

“Setting up and growing my business…I can clearly see that now…and feeling so excited…daily practice actually makes me ready for expansion…first my own and then all that I do…wow”

“How are you feeling about the growth?”

“Its welcome now…you know change has been my greatest challenge…I used to feel like starting all over which drained me so much…”

“What has brought about this change?”

“Acceptance..of my growth… you know when I am growing, I can empower myself to be more abundant..that makes me extremely confident, amenable to change outside as well…it stops bothering me…all this while, my own growth was stagnated…there was no way I could set up or grow my business”

“How is your growth coming about?”

“Wow…thats a great direction take…i realise I have said wow a few times already…its coming from a space of appreciation..I am able to learn now, bring in new experiences that I am taking responsibility for..putting things into action…am here for myself..something that has been alien to me all comfortable thinking and feeling now..”

“So any learning here in addition to the earlier steps?”


7th Step - Appreciate myself…my growth makes me accept change , which comes from my learnings through all experiences I have..what an awesome place to be..I absolutely love it!”

8th Step - be present to myself - in thinking and feelings - process my emotions along with setting up my business plans and goals. Be comfortable with my beliefs regarding finances - I have had major blocks and that is where my lack was coming from…With money, I have lived in guilt about having too much money”

“So now that you are abundant, how do you take your business forward..?”

“My vision that has been mine so far is shared with others..I will live my vision through daily practice and interactions with all I meet”

“Visualise your interactions with others…how will that be?”

“Well….celebrations” she smiled “Celebrating who I am, celebrating others, celebrating change, growth…feeling abundant to celebrate it with others..I will share my vision through my actions….live them, share them and celebrate them and in turn celebrate with others..”

“Any learning here?”

9th Step - live and be in aligned action - conscious steps aligned with my vision, move purposefully towards it - set my goals and achieve them.

10th Step - celebrate myself and others…and be proud of being an achiever…I have had a very strong belief about not being good enough..I understand that now and believe I can be my best version.”

“What essentially are you celebrating for yourself and others?”

“Celebrating abundance generated through my own efforts and also of others…”

“Who all do you include in others while celebrating?”

“Clients, Family, Friends..Oh…wait…I also wish to include sharing my abundance with those who need charity…I will give away a part of my profits to charity”

“So here is the final step -

11th Step - share and celebrate through charity work, abundance that will ignite others too. “

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