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Reasonably Well..

Anu Sachar


"I own a small events management company. Am facing challenges scaling up", my client stated as we commenced her coaching session.

"Scaling up to what level?" She stated excitedly "Well, I am currently a small fish in a big pond...seeking opportunities to expand...aspire to acquire upscale, high end issue is bigger fish already serving these clients." her voice trailed off "clients are not interested in meeting with me..How do I get my breakthrough?" with a defeated expression, she slumped in the chair.

"How are you doing in your business currently?" "reasonably well..despite intense competition amongst small fish who undercut competitors...we survive with regular clients providing repeat business." "What's working well?" "I have four business verticals -Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding and Kitty Parties. Birthdays, Weddings doing reasonably well...Anniversaries, Kitty Parties are new verticals..few events in the pipeline"

"I notice you mentioned reasonably well a few times...what does that mean to you?" Surprised, she said "Oh..Do I really? reasonably well to me means...getting things done without any glitch...yeah..."

"What does success in your business look like?" " So far, I have been working towards doing reasonably well...that's success to me." She walked around "Reasonably well...can be better..I am not being my best yet!"

"So in your current set-up, what can bring out your best?" Handing over post-its, I invited her to note factors contributing to being her best. "Never thought of being long as I did reasonably well...its fine. My business created reasonable profit to meet monthly bills, other expenses and some savings...that's good for me."

"So how does the small fish in the big pond feel right now?" Smiling "Yeah..reasonably well keeps the small fish alive...which is important.."

"Anything you are thankful for in your business today?" Nodding, she wrote "Clients, My team, My family, Vendors." "In what way are your clients, family and vendors contributing? "Deep in thought, she said "They are...all....contributing to my business doing..ah..reasonably well...". Standing up, she exclaimed "Oh my God! Is this how we manifest?"

"Lets step back a bit..when you thought of your business doing reasonably well..What actions did the small fish take to stay alive?" "Hmm...interesting..looked for clients to stay afloat." "What has been the outcome?" Smiling with self awareness " So I thought and acted on my thoughts, which created my reality..manifesting my reasonably well business"

"Any breakthrough here with high end clients?" "Yes! my moment of breakthrough.... When I wanted to do reasonably well, I reached out to clients with a certain budget and services required...Now, to focus on high end clients, I first grow to being my best version...will reach out to them with confidence and faith of being my far my intent was to have some upscale names, any names and do reasonably..." pausing, she said with self awareness "Gosh! let me put my best version in action here..I manifest to be my best, attract high end clients whom I service with my best of services, team and vendors. This implies stretching my mind to think and ready for that."

"Any thoughts on the big fish?" Myriad emotions crossed her face "My best version will think of unique offerings for my clients. Continue to service my existing clients with my best version..I am not competing with anyone." Picking up the last post-it, she smiled "My best version will express gratitude to my family by cooking something special today...they are my number one priority!"

As we concluded her session "So what are you telling yourself now?" She laughed "I am my best version..I believe I am.." She signed off excitedly with "beginning to consciously think, act my best from now on, expanding my business to high end clients successfully. Will work on this in more detail with you in my next session."

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