Resuming career after a sabbatical

Anu Sachar

Arvind , my 45 years old client approached me as he was preparing to return to full-time work after a 2 year sabbatical. He had worked in the IT industry for 20 years before proceeding on his sabbatical. Arvind wanted to work on his self esteem, which he felt was at an all time low and would come in the way of his interviews. We identified a few beliefs that negatively impacted his self esteem and heightened his fear of rejection at interviews.

As he prepped for his interviews, I worked with Arvind to identify his motivational triggers that helped reframe his fear to a positive outlook. Using narratives tool, Arvind identified his strengths that would serve him well in the interviews. Weekly action plan was to constantly use his strengths while interacting with family, friends and when reaching out to potential employers. Within a few weeks of coaching, Arvind felt his self esteem improve, boosting his confidence to perform well in the interviews. After Eight weeks of coaching, working with his strengths and self awareness of motivational triggers that reframed fear into confidence, Arvind received offers from employers of his choice.

He joined a firm that Arvind believed was the right place to leverage his strengths. Executive Coaching helped Arvind focus on his desired outcome , facilitating the journey joyfully with a strength based approach, enhancing self esteem and reframing debilitating beliefs to confidence.

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