Empowered relationship with Mother

Anu Sachar

My client Annie (name changed) , 29 years old, has had a difficult relationship with her mother, now 58 years of age, since her childhood. Last year, Annie quit her job of 5 years citing inability to continue. Now, Annie who is 30 years old, wants to improve upon her relationship with her mother. Her efforts so far have not yielded desired results as she spirals down in negativity , struggling to stay positive. Even while she is currently at home, she is unable to work on this. I explored the problem with Annie and we reframed her problem into a desired solution – or goal. Using my coaching tool Deeper Connect, Annie etched her cognitive patterns across 3 aspects of Emotions, Functional Role (Behaviour) and Thoughts of where she was currently and where she wanted to be. She visualised her empowered life with her mother. During the process, Annie discovered how her cognitive distortions were coming up in way of her empowered relationship with her mother. In addition, she realised how the same pattern was predominantly coming up in other aspects of her life as well. She began to feel empowered with accepting her patterns.

This insight helped me set a safe space with Annie to explore her deeper emotions. Meeting with her once a week, I co-created a structure with weekly action plans with her, that facilitated her to think positive about her relationship with her mother. She began to see herself beyond her negativity, discovering her unique GIFTS.

Life Coaching provided Annie the safe space to discover that she could create love and harmony within by acknowledging her unique GIFTS. After a few sessions, she invited her mother to one of her coaching sessions and shared some key insights. Celebrations were in order, when Annie used her GIFTS and expressed authentic love and respect for her mother.

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