About Me
Passionate Coaching Professional

An award-winning coach with focus on life, leadership, executive and team coaching. Masters in Psychology and a certified Coach (PCC, ICF) with over 25 years of integrated experience in Coaching, Corporate HR, Training  and Psychology. Celebrating life every moment, co-creating with clients beautiful, meaningful journeys of where they are to where they want to be.  

My clients are MAD i.e carry immense passion to Make A Difference to their lives and grow from being good to great. They aspire to take their life to the next level and are committed to make it happen. I partner with my clients to create a powerful meaningful vision of where they want to be. Clients base comprises of Children, Young adults,  Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business leaders, Creative people, Business Owners, Start-ups, Professionals and Home-makers. Based on my client's professional or personal journey,  I partner as a Coach holistically integrating myriad dimensions as Life Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Team Coach or a Group Coach. 

Founder Partner of AnantOm Consulting Carve Your Path LLP, I integrate relevant tools like NLP, Deep Conversations, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, MBTI, Systemic Approach to the Coaching Experience. 

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